11 August 2018

Just Hours Till the Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 10 August 2018

Source: New Earth Central

In just a few hours we will experience the final of three eclipses since mid-July. It has been an intense month of shifting patterns, upending emotional trauma, clearing outdated limitations and opening to new opportunities. The final eclipse consolidates all the positive changes into a new path forward.

Arriving this Saturday, August 11th is the New Moon Solar Eclipse at 18° Leo.  The partial solar eclipse starts at 1:02am PT and will be visible in the Northern Hemisphere in most of Europe, Greenland, Asia and Russia. Adding to the complexity of this powerful eclipse series is a grand total of six planets, plus Chiron, still in retrograde status.

With so many planets retrograde at this time our attention is being directed inward and exploring the past. We cannot move forward without resolving lingering karma that locks our energy in past timelines. It is time for closure! The eclipse cycle on North/South Nodes enhances healing untransmuted past trauma so we are free to grow and expand into living our true Soul’s life.

By taking the time to do internal house-cleaning you are opening the mind, heart and body to embrace deeper Soul Presence. When building more Soul Presence inside, you achieve a deeper inner sense of empowerment. Any insecurities surfacing during the eclipses will highlight past trauma needing attention. The Lions Gate and Leo Solar Eclipse enhance attributes of self-love and personal power.  Soul embodiment increases inner strength, courage and confidence in your daily life.

Saturday’s Solar Eclipse occurs on the 19th anniversary of the life-altering August 11, 1999 grand cross and total solar eclipse. That colossal event shifted humanity into a new timeline ushering in a global leap in evolutionary consciousness. Get ready for another life-changing timeline jump this August 11th, as a new cycle begins. Energy flows forward as Mercury stations direct on August 19th and Mars stations direct on August 26th.

Tie up loose ends, heal unresolved wounding and get ready for another powerful shift into higher consciousness. You are leveling-up into the next phase of your Soul’s mission. All the inner work is preparing you for a more active role in creating the New Earth.

Join Light Bearers from around the world on Saturday, August 11th for the extraordinary Leo New Moon Eclipse Global Activations. The recording is accessible within minutes upon completion of the show broadcast. 

If you are called to participate, you can register for the Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse Activations here: https://newearthcentral.com/?p=206209

Lovingly, Meg

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