10 August 2018

Key to Freedom Meditation Reminder

**sticky until meditation is over **
The Phoenix Keyhole is ready, and we will be the Key to Freedom!

The time has come to liberate ourselves and for the  Phoenix to be re-birthed anew!

Time for us all to take action and be a crucial part of this mission ~ see you at the Meditation!!

Some quick links below. Please consider downloading the guided meditation beforehand.

11 August 2018
💜  Time: 9:11am UTC    *Check local time here*
💜  Guided Meditation Audios:  *In various languages here, including music only*  (meditation steps are in the description box)
💜  Download MP3: https://we.tl/xN889U3sVo

For more details, please visit:
We Love Mass Meditations
The Portal ~ Key to Freedom
FB page

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