06 August 2018

Lion's Gate 2018 – 8888 – Lord of Storms – Shiva as Rudra ~ Sakya Pema ~ 4 August 2018

This is an interesting perspective that augments the Big Picture.

Source: Altair Shyam

LIONSGATE 8am GMT on the 8th day of the 8th month of 2018 in the Tibetan and Vedic Traditions

If you are reading this then you are likely to have had a past life in ancient Tibet or India, identify with Sirius as the earth’s Spiritual Sun and know that you are in a cycle of awakening in this year, 2018, of the Tibetan Sirius Earth Dog.

This is the final cycle of the planet, a time when your inter-dimensional awareness is at a peak. The understanding of portals and symbols and how to use them to travel is awake.
Your knowledge of alchemy and natural magic is flowing and your consciousness is already reaching a point of presence in the sounds and light of the fifth element, space, opening the language we call light language to communicate beyond and retrieve information and energy in the state we call I AM Presence.

You can touch your deity consciousness, your Light Family, and bring healing to those around you by embodying divine masculine and divine feminine consciousness.

Your path is the Shambhala Path, a simple awareness of being and co-creation where you are aware that the veils cast over our earth with its confusion of politics and grasping for materialism has nothing whatsoever to do with you and everything to do with perspective. When you fill yourself with compassion and gratitude you will naturally surrender and let go and attract those who will shelter and feed your heart and bring you divine friendship to expand your true self and our shared heart.

You are the Light.

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