08 August 2018

Lion’s Gate coming in with a ROAR! ~ Jenny Schiltz ~ 7 August 2018

Source: Jenny Schiltz

Holy Cow this is the most intense Lion’s Gate that I have experienced to date! I am writing a brief note before I go and be still. For many of us, this process will continue until we are out of the eclipse corridor, which will be a few days after the August 11th Solar Eclipse.

I asked my team to explain what is happening and was told that these energies are helping the soul to anchor even more in the body. As this happens all that is not compatible will come up to be resolved. This is why many are feeling such deep fears and almost a hopelessness. Hang in there and listen to your fears and love them. Remember you can acknowledge a fear without buying into the reality that fear will create.

Physically this process is brutal right now and many are shocked at the intensity.

Here is what I am seeing as the physical ramifications of the intense energies:

– Itching and burning of the skin in various spots at various times. My fingers have been hit hard.
– Swelling of face, feet, and hands
– Intense heat in body parts like the lungs, liver, stomach, uterus.
– Digestion issues – I feel like food is not digesting well but at the same time, I am hungry.
– Large amounts of stomach acid
– Urine smelling terrible – mine smells like chemicals burning. It is quite disturbing and I am grateful that the toxins associated with that are leaving.
– Nausea and diarrhea
– Feeling fried or extremely stressed as our energy system is overhauled.
– Exhaustion
– Body aches – feels like a sort of flu body ache
– Headaches – the position can vary, for me, it is in the temples.
– Sinus pressure that even extends to the sinuses in the back of the head
– Problems focusing your eyes

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