04 August 2018

New Earth Energy Wave #2 of 3 is Here. Galactic Human Telepathy Activations ~ Aluna Ash ~ 3 August 2018

In this video message, Aluna Ash tells us that the second of three waves prior to The Event is occurring now, and I have been feeling disoriented for much of today, very much out-of-sorts, which is why I'm not hesitating to post this message.

Also, I saw this number Synchronicity on the 2nd:
Finally, I met a couple of friends whom I've not seen for a long while and had quite a lengthy discussion with them. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that they were beginning to question the reality around them. Many sources are talking about mass awakening occurring during this period of the Lion's Gate energies.

Here's Aluna's message.


  1. CRITICAL BUG ALERT ! I was trying to notify a friend who simply did not have the time to check out Cobra's blog post. So I copy pasted the guided meditation audio link and the time-date link. All he had to do was set the alarm after clicking on the time-date link and switch on the guided audio when the alarm wakes him.

    While forwarding the above two links to him (I copy pasted the time-date link from a PDF file of Cobra's blog post into the Telegram messaging app), I wasn't getting the link preview for the time-date link. Blank spaces seem to have inserted themselves at a certain point in the first part of the link during the copy paste operation (the link was fine in the PDF file). After I fixed that, the link preview popped up and I was about to sign off when I noticed that the end of the link wasn't highlighted. This meant more blank spaces. But as the link preview was live I decided to ignore it. A nagging doubt made me click on the link preview and I was shocked to see that the time-date link was displaying a time that was 2 hours AFTER the eclipse !!!

    So I fixed the blank spaces in the second part of the link and forwarded it again. This time the entire link was highlighted and clicking on it displayed the RIGHT eclipse starting time for my location.

    Had to resend the corrected link or else my friend would have woken up two hours later, switched on the guided audio, meditated for 15 minutes and then gone back to sleep without knowing that he had missed the eclipse by 2 hours !!!!

    1. Could you please let me know which two links to which you are referring? Cobra gave out lots of links, and I just tested the ones for the meditation (English) and they work ok.

      I've also checked the time-date link, and it showed up ok, too.

      Meanwhile, I suggest you copy the links directly from Cobra's blog or the meditation site, in case the pdf format corrupted the link.


    2. The guided meditation (audio English version) Youtube link works o.k. while copy pasting. but somehow the copy paste operation couldn't handle the time-date link.

      I guess I wouldn't even copy paste the time-date link (even from Cobra's site) from now on and even if I do, I will have to take extreme care :/

      The whole problem came about when I find people willing to participate but who can't be bothered to go through a blog post for the details ! These busy people are able to handle just the link to the guided audio meditation and the time-date link.

    3. Ok I get what you mean, thank you. Yes, I know what you mean about just getting to the actual links, sometimes the things get lost in a mass of words.

      I did a test-run using email, and the time link works ok. I think it would be ok with phone messages, too. Perhaps you could try those mediums.

      Thank you so much for all your effort! May we bust through critical mass!! Blessings