08 August 2018

Rick Jewers Request: Changing Energy of King Solomon's Dome in Canada ~ 7 August 2018

Source: Rick Jewers


We require a directed energy at King Solomons Dome, Yukon Territories, Canada. The directed energy will consist of a thought to change the history of where the gold went that was harvested from this area and allow for energetics to redistribute this wealth and attributes out of the hands of the Wealthy Elite.

So simply, send a thought to this area that changes where the wealth from this area ended up at, and assure that wealth was/is redistributed among the less wealthy. It is more complex than this and I am trying to keep it straightforward what needs to be done, with the higher aspects being integrated automatically by You.

This projected energy can begin Now by those participating with the expectation that this area will be FULLY energetically connected to the 5D Grid on Aug 21/22, 2018. With Your thought, place an active positive energy charge there so that it can be connected with the 5D Grid on said date.

NOTE, every resource mined on the planet had an electric charge WHILE IT WAS IN THE GROUND, upon removing it from its location on Gaia/the planet, it disrupts the electromagnetic field and caused instability with Gaia rotating on her axis. Oil and gas also hold electric charges while in the ground, but as with the other mineable resources, immediately LOSE its charge when taken from the ground. The electric charge You will be leaving in the Dome area will balance and correct past damage to that area, which of one thing, causes earthquakes.

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