03 August 2018

Rick Jewers Update ~ 2 August 2018

Source: Rick Jewers

In 7-10 days time, a very noticeable upward Shift will have occurred and will be in permanent placing for THIS Timeline. The Sun/Son will be delivering certain Light aspects and coding directly to the Human physical during the next 7-10 days, in preparation for this next imminent Shift. The Sun's activity IS AND WILL increase during this period. The Sun WAS relatively quiet for the last month to allow for individuals to enhance and build upon their inner prowess without being distracted by Divine Magic to any degree, while they focused upon this pertinent individual strengthening.

The Seven Seals being fully opened has several metaphoric relations. It is individually dependent upon perspective to which, or all, perspective applies. Revelations and Crystal Seals, of which are two perspectives, are the most dominant and on theme. The number "7" will accompany the signs for any individual to brush up on knowledge particular to the Seven Seals. The beliefs around the Revelations referring to the Seven Seals, are transitioning as consciousness rises, and the understanding that any wrath is NOT GOD SENT, rather it is judgment the recipients of such wrath Created themselves, AND, any of GOOD INTENT, DOES NOT ENDURE.

The 144,000 were the Light Quotient that were activated to sufficient degrees by 2012 to ALLOW for the SEALS to be opened and for NEW Timelines to be Created. At present, the 144,000 number has grown to millions, and Chosen Ones, by their OWN CHOICE, are increasing daily. Each judge themselves during these JUDGMENT DAYS, by their intent and acts. Their intent places them on the according Timeline, whether it be an Ascending Timeline, by making the right choices of course, or whether it be a lower 4D Timeline, of which only two lower 4D Timelines will remain for a temporary period.

Many of You have had the financial burden lessened over the last several months so that You could focus on Your internal prowess and enhance it to higher degrees. Know the importance of this reward and use it wisely and conservatively in this Now, as You continue Your purpose. Material things are to be only what is necessary to exist in the Now and be open and subject to change in the blink of an eye. At this point, for the stronger One's, have NO PLANS for Your future here on these Present Timelines, to have plans is to only restrict You and keep You attached to the restrictions. It is best to be FULLY OPEN to the flow, the Divine Guidance, of where You MUST BE, and what YOU MUST DO. This will assure a much rapid rate of Your prowess being enhanced as well as a smoother transition into Your memories of ALL TIME.

The Vatican is presently being more exposed for the true antichrist it was for 2000 years. Feminine prowess in the form of Nuns are assuring a more rapid degree of implosion for this suppressive energy. Divine Energy simply does NOT support walls, secrecy and a greed aspect of wealth, these are fear based and NOT compatible with "the good for All". As the Following, the congregation of this institution ( the Catholic Church), RAPIDLY LESSENS, so does the monetary support which so many contributed to that allowed for an ill intent control and coverup of the insidious acts perpetrated by its core.

The Dark were given 2000 years on this Timeline, to rectify and amend previous Dark acts which Created many Dark histories prior to 12 AD, to ascertain certain favorable advanced futures and more, THEY DID NOT COMPLY, HENCE THE SECOND COMING, and the last COMING We may add. This "Second Coming" is presently over 3 million strong, and growing rapidly.

The present elevated Consciousness upon the planet is sufficient to transition Humanity rapidly out of the primitive and uncivilized monetary and ruling systems. Common sense has been elevated in the Masses and this fully dictates how the old MUST dissolve/implode as the NEW is ushered in by the Higher Consciousness, which integrates and imprints a certain threshold, that cannot be reversed.

Many of You are manifesting more rapidly and of higher quality. Remember to practice the highest virtue in intent and mind, also being concise in the words You use. You are ALLOWED to manifest HERE to confirm to You that indeed it is real, powerful and to be utilized for "good intent", to assist with planetary change. Use complete discretion in Your Creations and attempts to Create. All is governed at a Higher Divine place, so nothing gets out of hand, that We cannot correct.

Love and Light

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