07 August 2018

Rising in Consciousness ~ Marco Lopor ~ 6 August 2018

Source: Marco Lopor 

Increasing in vibrational frequency means also that you Deeply feel other people's Emotions and you have to be able to keep your focus on the inner space in order to maintain balance.

It could happen that you start to not tolerate jeaolusy, envy, quarrels, hate, fights, greed, you Just feel something not in Harmony around you when these low Energy fields are manifested and immediately have to focus on your solar plexus so to not be affected.

This is an important technical aspect of Evolution. When You rise in Consciousness You vibrate Higher phisically that means your body operates on another frequency band.

This Higher frequency helps your body to not get sick because Viruses Just cannot tolerate the new environment and your Age process slows as well.

But the price to pay is an Extreme sensitivity to everything, your neighbour's skin becomes your skin, that's why only Love can survive in the 5th dimension of Consciousness, you cannot do something bad to somebody else because their pain is, phisically, your pain.

Everything that is not Love is going to be purified by Cosmic Fire, Indeed.

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