10 August 2018

Sacred Heart Space ~ Marco Lopor ~ 9 August 2018

"The Key...."  Synchronicity!

Source: Marco Lopor

There is a Sacred Heart Space in Every Human Being, where everything can be forgiven and transmuted, with no fears involved.
When you face your fears, indeed, you are facing your Shadow Self, that has the Control of your Consciousness until your Higher Self steps in. Only when you face your Shadows you can forgive and release, moving forward in your soul's journey.

In order to connect to this Heart Sacred Space you have to live in Integrity, Sovereignty and Unconditional Love.

This Heart Space is a Multidimensional Door that unlocks your divine gifts if you find the right Key.

The Key, you know, is always the same and has always been the same: Be Pure like a Child.

You Will connect to the frequency of the Infinite Mind that overrules everything, that is Unconditional Love for All.

This frequency opens your Sacred Space.

If you master this space within you, then you Will become a conscious co-creator with Source of the New Paradigm for Gaia.

This is the Lion's Gate effect for me.

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