07 August 2018

Singing Our Soul Songs

Chanelle Correia
The weekend that was....It felt like a lifetime ago and it seemed to go on forever.

More accurately, it started from Friday and continued into Monday (yesterday). The energies were so intense that I felt like I was going to go up in smoke, several times throughout the period. I had to comfort myself by constantly thinking convincing thoughts that if I were to do so, I would transform into a Phoenix and fly away into the Cosmos, finally free.

Senses were so heightened ~ smell, hearing, "sight", and sense. Everything was amplified.

Sleep was, and still is, interrupted. And yet, almost instantly dozing off couple of times during the day. Energetic yet fatigued.

Feeling restless, listless, anxious.

Dreams ~ remembering them again after such a long time of not being able to recall. "Ordinary" dreams, of people I know ~ the theme seems to be people discovering or coming to terms with the deception and control system. Apocalypse....the Great Unveiling.

The energies haven't let up, they are still very much on and very strong, but it feels like it's shifting gears, and this is the duration while the gear is being shifted. I'll not think about the days ahead leading to the 11th....

I got through the weekend fairly intact by plugging into what's real, singing my Soul Songs as much and as long as possible ~ Interaction with the dissolving Matrix was kept to a bare minimum, enough to just do what was absolutely required like getting food and quickly running a few time-sensitive errands.

In other words, engaging with Life in as authentic a manner as possible and staying away from what's not real. This, to me, is what "anchoring the New Earth" means. We anchor it in our daily lives, moment by moment. For those of us who have neither the inclination nor the means to build retreats or off-grid satellite villages, living an authentic high-consciousness Life enables the anchoring of New Energies right where we are. This transforms the space we are in, and then we expand this space more and more with each passing day, imbuing and infusing Divine energies every moment that we can.

Someone just told me today that there was a report in the newspaper about the escalating numbers of people going through depression. It has become epidemic. Just in my extended family alone, there are three individuals in this situation, all within the past year.

This is a spiritual crisis. Souls are screaming out, wanting to sing their Soul Songs after being silenced for lifetimes. This is Humanity's Dark Night of the Soul, occurring the same time as the Great Awakening. Soul-activated individuals locked in ego-mind, living in inauthenticity and shutting out their Soul voice will go into an anxious or depressed state, until they start singing their Soul Songs, move into Authenticity and align with their Soul Path.

These relentless energies will continue to shift Humanity through varying levels of Consciousness, until the lowest level is lifted out of it limited existence. We will all need to go higher, no matter where we are, for this is the course of Spiritual Growth.

Those who have been on this path for a while now cannot afford to rest, for there is no rest for those on a mission until the mission is over :)  We have to form the Spiritual Phalanx that must surge forwards and onwards, to energetically pave the way for others. This will greatly accelerate the unfolding of certain key events, assisting the Light in many ways. A phalanx formation will only be as successful as the degree of its determination and cohesion integrity, so Unity Consciousness across the board is essential.

What say you we demonstrate our Spiritual Phalanx integrity by participating in droves in the Key to Freedom Meditation this 11th?  😉

Much Love, Blessings and Namaste 💖

PS. I've been told that a family member greatly diminished his emotional discomfort by taking Zembrin, a plant-based medication. I'm mentioning this for those who have loved ones going through anxiety or depression in case this is helpful.

PS/PS. I wasn't kidding when I mentioned staying in Authenticity. I cleared up some music files on my PC over the weekend, decided to play some favourites, enjoyed them but the effect quickly wore off, and had to resort to my Solfeggio tones. Bear in mind that music is (mis)tuned to be skewed from their original healing frequencies.

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