12 August 2018

The Energies of Recreation ~ Judy Satori ~ 11 August 2018

On this New Moon I am writing to you from Thicksey monastery in Ladakh.

This is the message I have for you now from Spirit and when I say Spirit
I mean the Source of all that is ...

“You would have felt the energy getting stronger in recent weeks and those of you who are energetically sensitive would have felt this intensifying energy even more. This energy is not cathartic. It is not designed to clear energy distortion.

It is designed to prepare you for upgraded energies of recreation that will begin to come into the planet at the Full Moon on the 26th of August.

"This energy is to do with the recreation of YOU in a more expanded way.

"You see, the energies of RECREATION that are coming to Earth from this more expanded God or Source creation energy matrix at the heart center of 22 galaxies is beginning to amplify in tonal resonance. It is a bit like when you throw a stone into a pond and the ripples spread out. The force or size of the stone, and in this case it is the energy force, creates an expanding ripple effect.”

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