08 August 2018

The Lion's Gate ~ Tim Whild ~ 8 August 2018

Please join Tim Whild here.

In this video, Tim reminds us that after the Lion's Gate Portal in 2018, the Collective 5D Heart Centre of Humanity had been activated, paving the way for Awakening for individuals who then embark on their inner work.

Sirius, being the 7D Learning University, will be transmitting new spiritual teachings ~ including Ascension updates ~ over the next ten days following this year's Lion's Gate, so we will need to keep our Third Eye open.

Tim also confirms that we are now receiving massive amounts of photonic energies from the Sun. When our Sun is in a quiet phase, like it is now, huge waves of energies are being received from the Galactic Sun.

Please watch the video for more details. Tim also takes us through a Heart alignment session.

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