10 August 2018

Time ~ Andrew Bartzis ~ 9 August 2018

Source: Galactic Historian

Long before we began experiencing timeline genocide, time was originally studied as the nature of space and reality, but we are going to have a whole new different experience of time. We will be able to be in multiple time, planets, galaxies and universes simultaneously while we’re here, because the technology that is here upon earth is spiritual technology. It allows us to project to other places, times and events and actually work with their causality and effect so that remedy and resolve ultimately becomes a universal expression. So justice and judgment are no longer going to be used in the framework of our shared reality.

“It’s a time for awakening.
Unify your souls.
Go through those soul chards.
Find what is to be here and in the now, the now of the end, the end of casualty and effect.”
- Andrew Bartzis

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