23 September 2018

4th Density Shift, Energy Update ~ Aluna Ash ~ 22 September 2018

There are several predictions here, so as always, go with your own Higher Guidance.

Please listen here.

Description given:
We have a energy wave happening right now & the "darkforces" are reallyyyyyyy at work right now. Lots of interference if you are a true lightworker.

***With the 13th gate activations it can cause your face to twitch: eye, mouth I see events prior to them being experienced or manifested in the physical in different timelines/parallel realities because the 3rd dimensional linear time format is an illusion, time does not exist. Me seeing these events does not create it either- If you cant handle hearing about these things cuz they trigger fear within you or thats your active realm of thought- dont watch, not worth it. The Free Will experiment was put into place by the Confederation which started off planet but is connected to the souls/entities transfered to this planet body entity(due to the density.) The council oversees which are made of Different entities of light/nonphysical, they have no names by choice, they are one.

●●Things are about to change... OCTOBER MID NOVEMBER. Im seeing a bunch of diff events/diff timelines or realities connected to the collective, ill make a sep. video because im just getting WAYY TOO MUCH right now... but a few things im seeing are:

****Etna or Italy France Volcano (if Etna erupts further in the way Im seeing near or after another deep earthquake- it wont be long before water displaces)

*humans connected w AI through thought form communication changing the resonance brain of the human & emotion like projection.

*photon transmissions being sent then moving through the body nonstop, intentionally. These transmissions have intelligence of its own.

*8.0 earthquake.

*Putins face.

* Lots of Water pushed by wind or w wind coastal area.

* Saw energy building below surface in the location of South America.

*Volcano eruption- this one is pretty massive and has been fairly unactive for some time.

*eruption or energy from below surface, I believe in Europe but not sure (i "see" in thought/energy/consciousness)

*We have a bunch of different false flags coming (i may make a sep video cuz they may pick up quite a bit, the media is just manipulation, theyre actors pushing an agenda. Anything shared is for a reason)

*planning normalizing cloning before 2020 2021- you must be sovereign by this time. I saw a conversation/agenda/contracts to push this.

*Mass/government conspiracies coming out to the collective. & possible "Coup" attempt.

*Death of famous person, possible suicide- its the throat felt/looked like- and its a sacrifice. ---- ill make a sep. video for the rest im seeing. We are all ONE, seperate identity is an illusion of 3D consciousness just like calling ourselves a certain name or entity or being- there are no names in the realm of just light. So anyone saying they are a specific identity or channeling & identity so you should listen- is division, seeing one as seperate. We only use names in this realm of thought to create an identity/belief & distorts the message. Yes we have UFOs, and technology thousands of yrs advanced, as the collective consciousness increases, the "new" (which isnt new, just in higher realm of thought/consciousness then the collective at that time) technology is released

***anyone wanting a refund, please send payment request to Aluna Ash Clsirvoyant at paypal.me/alunaash instead of email (i get thousands of emails from the channel, its impossible for me to see them all)

Anyone inquiring about a reading, im not opening for personals right now & not sure when or if I am in the future. Only doing readings that have been booked prior to making time out for my health for treatments June-Aug. (even though i posted on channel i was not doing personals- drains my energy if im not feeling well, i wont do a reading unless im in alignment.

The messages for the channel come through on their own w out me seeking, the only time they affect my energy is when i get too much in trance & experience the events as if im there) My body is healing just been a slow process, thank you for the love & support

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