21 September 2018

A Small Fragment of Solara's September 2018 Surf Report

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Source: Solara Anani

Moving In to a New Timing Chain

September is an ELEVEN month in an ELEVEN Year, which makes it an 11:11 month. This makes it a potent, pivotal, transformational month for us to shift reality systems from Duality to the New Reality of AN. Our New Landscape is becoming increasingly visible. This is happening in measured increments and helps to propel us deeper into our True Position.
Our trains are filling up with passengers, but in the midst of so much going on, we can't yet see who is on our train and who isn't. All month long, people will be choosing their trains and deciding which track to travel upon. Some might choose a train, get all comfy in their seat, and at the last minute, realize that they are on the wrong train and run to their correct one.
September is a month that calls us not only to action, but to Right Action. We will be very busy this month as we try to keep up with all that is happening. The entire month will be full of fast paced days that run together. As we put our full concentration on the HERE and NOW, each day will be immediately forgotten after it has passed. September is full of major breakthroughs and wondrous opportunities. Help that we have long needed suddenly arrives at our front door. New, true friends are entering our lives. At the same time, more layers of hidden evil in the world of Duality are being exposed.
September brings us many choices. Not only that, but it moves us further along the path we have chosen. Our path will accelerate in either Forward Motion or Reverse Motion. It's entirely up to us in which direction we will go. This is the Month of Returning to our True Selves or the Month of Losing Ourselves. Will we go deeper into Duality or finally Break Free? Will we sink deeper into the illusion or will we free ourselves from it? Will we move into Right Action that serves the planet or will we seek to acquire more power, more control and more wealth for ourselves? Will we move our Honesty and Integrity to a new level or will we set it aside? Will we step free of our limiting behavior, outdated beliefs and old ways of being or will we stay mired where we are?
What's tricky is that unless we are very, very honest, clear and True, we might think that we are zooming forward when we are actually zooming backwards. We might be dazzled by the powerful thrust of the engine and forget to notice where we are really going. It's not enough to make decisions just to spur us into action. We have to make decisions based on Trueness and whatever we do has to be Right Action. Any action we take has to be in alignment with the Greater Good. It has to strengthen the energies of the New Reality. If not, it will only move ourselves backward, pushing us deeper into the underbelly of Duality. 
Major life lessons regarding Integrity, Obedience and Taking Responsibility are being presented to us right now. Some of them are occurring through perfect set-ups that touch directly on our core issues. This is happening so we can finally master these lessons and won't have to endlessly repeat them. These are lessons that perhaps we should have learned a long time ago, but for some reason we didn't. So here they are, right before us, RIGHT NOW. 
The old Timelines are collapsing all around us. The measurement of Time itself is imploding and becoming compressed. This makes it feel like the hands on a clock are spinning out of control, going faster and faster around the dial until it feels like they may fly away at any moment. The days and nights feel drastically shortened. This gives us the sense that we have no time to do anything; we must hurry, hurry, hurry!
We are in the process of moving onto a New Timing Chain. The Timing Chain is the timing sequence within the New Reality. A Timing Chain is like the chain of a necklace. Each segment is linked together. Each time that we shift to a new link in the chain, it represents a profound expansion in our awareness that is deeply felt. The new Timeline is totally different than what we have been used to. This is why so many plans and meetings we try to do have to be constantly rescheduled. The match-up of the cogs within the various gears of the Timing Chain are being completely reset and have to be matched up in totally new ways within the new configuration, cog by cog, gear by gear, wheel by wheel. 
Even if you're still living in duality and not consciously moving into the New Timeline, you are being affected by this. You will notice that when you're doing something that's not in alignment with the new Timing Chain, there's often the jarring sensation of gears grinding, rather than synchronizing. This is not only an unpleasant feeling, but it brings us a lot of frustration and stress.
The New Timeline is connected with eternal No-Time, rather than our old earthly time. Earthly time is an illusory measurement that was artificially created during the imposition of Duality. It has never been real. But for a long while, earthly time was a useful tool that divided our days and nights into small, regimented segments so we could function efficiently within the tight underpinning of Duality.
What we have to do now is to find the new entry points into the Timing Chain so we can fully enter the New Timeline. Entering the new Timing Chain requires the dismantling of our old timing mechanisms. We have to learn how to do everything in a completely different rhythm than what we have been used to. We need to disconnect ourself from the old patterns of Time and reconnect ourselves to the natural flow. 
Once we are inside the new Timing Chain, our lives are greatly altered. The cogs and gears turn smoothly. The new rhythm is established, changing the way we do everything, changing our very approach to life. Suddenly, time stretches out and transforms into the eternal No-Time. This brings us deeper into the Timeless True Worlds of the New Reality.
This month brings answers that we have waited for our whole lives. It is an eye opening time in our world and the world beyond. We are being presented with an unprecedented opportunity to move beyond our old existence and see the universe in a whole new, positive way. 
It's time to move our entire beings into the new rhythm of the Timing Chain. Let's stop breathing the stale air of Duality and fill our lungs with the freshness of the New Reality.
We need to merge into the flow of the clean energy that is all around us. Let's make true steps with our natural presence of being. We need to be flexible and open to the Unexpected at all times. Let's not forget that we are embodiments of Love and Trueness. 
And let's turn off the cacophony of Duality and align ourselves to what is REAL and TRUE.
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This is a small fragment of Solara's complete SEPTEMBER 2018 SURF REPORT. The Full SEPTEMBER Surf Report contains lengthy sections on: Review of AUGUST 2018; Lessons in Obedience, Integrity and Being Responsible; Forward or Reverse?; The Timing Chain; and the September 2018 Overview.
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