29 September 2018

Aluna Ash Energy Updates ~ 28 September 2018

I usually feel very daunted by videos, especially long ones. So I'm just going ahead to post this one from Aluna Ash first, but I do appreciate her detailed description which I will copy here. The other one is a brief one-screen message, the image of which above.

Energy Update Activations & Alchemical Shifts
Description: The government is in preparation right now there will be complete change of the way systems are run I don't know exactly what's going on but this to me sounds like the collapse of the entire system beginning to create the new but I am definitely seeing preparation Clairvoyantly and I'm also getting this through my own guidance.

Trust your own guidance, intuition and inner knowing with everything.

There's manipulation of the Ascension program just like there's been manipulation of spirituality creating religion based off programmed beliefs and fear.

The containment on this planet is still in place but it is being removed you can think of the containment as the Veil that separates the physical from the non-physical or the third dimension from the forth. Separating densities.

This energy wave that I'm seeing some have already felt a few days ago others will feel this in the next few days it depends on your location. and then right after this one there's another one going from the opposite direction

Clairvoyant Message
Description: Saw this 9/24, and again just now 9/28 but more clearly Hurricane, same one i spoke of in last event msg video, brings water.

Another massive earthquake, 7.5-8.0 this is separate from the one I just mentioned a week or so ago that one just hit in Indonesia. There's another one:7.5-8.0

As I've been saying for months... after summer it all begins in a big way- mass arrests, shifts, exposing, events, mass awakenings, increase in plasmic wave density/transmissions with less distortion... all unfolding in several collective timelines collapsing into one unified field.

Changes in technology, measurement system using "new" energy (not new, just telling the collective its "new"😂) & money will begin to be made aware to the public but may not be rolled out more towards November.

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