25 September 2018


From "Interstellar"
They're here....!!! Brad Johnson mentioned the Interstellar Fleets arriving (Ex-Moss = Interstellar?), and Aluna Ash also said that there is active Galactic Intervention going on right now. There must be more sources saying the same thing, but I'm not aware of others or these are the only two I can recollect off the top of my head right now (which is in a bit of a blur today).

Looks like Galactic/Cosmic activity has been ramped up several notches.

Cobra's latest:
EXMOSS section1 fleet activated, VTX realignment in position

The previous:
EXMOSS section2 fleet activated


  1. myunhauzen74's YouTube channel might be another source. As long as he does not manipulate the images for his clips, one can see with ones own eyes what seems to be going on:


    1. Yep, that channel has amazing Solar-related clips. Been around a while, too. I don't check in on them as often as I used to.