19 September 2018

Ascending to Your Home Planet: QHHT Client Session ~ Audio Only ~ Allison Coe ~ 17 September 2018

For those interested, this is Allison Coe's QHHT session with a client who volunteered to assist Humanity on Earth in the Ascension process before returning to her Home Planet (8D). She also describes The Event and the changes that follow. It's great motivation and very inspiring for those who are guided to listen, and gives an idea about what some of us can expect in terms of service. (A point of personal interest is the brief mention of religion, which I just wrote about in a response to a comment on my blog.)

"The pointed purpose of creativity is to raise your vibration", and Allison urges us to take note of this...."Do anything!" "Create, create, create!"

Caution: the craziness we see now will escalate prior to The Event.

Mass meditations can bring The Event closer.

I like the way the client describes The Event as the Tsunami of Love, where the massive energy wave washes in, then slowly withdraws, leaving its residue in the sand. This "residue" will be the elevated base frequency of Consciousness on the Planet, thus changing everything forever.

As we've been told before by other sources, Pleiadians are the ones landing and making official First Contact.... not Vulcans, darn.... And the Pleiadians say, "Stay tuned, we're coming!"

Please listen here. And always use Higher Guidance.

Description (excerpt):
Hello!!! Hope you are well and wonderful. I've been doing Q&A videos on Patreon - short and sweet - but that's about it lately as I've been spending so much time gathering info for my upcoming Sedona presentation. During this process I keep coming across this super fun session that I transcribed several months ago. I couldn't help but share it - but audio only as I'm a bit under the weather. Hope this inspires someone out there. Much love to all of you!

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