20 September 2018

ASCENSION NEWS: Moving Beyond the Familiarity Zone ~ Steve Nobel ~ 18 September 2018

The story of our Lives.... This version by Steve Nobel is one I really like ~ practical, wise and deep. There was a time when I used to look forward to activities such as white water rafting, para-sailing, extreme rides in theme-parks. Then one day, I just turned around and faced my spiritual path, and the need for me to participate in those activities faded almost overnight. Now I know why :)

One thing I would like to offer is this ~ not all the "stuff" thrown at us is a "lesson". Dark interference could be a factor, but there's also a danger in attributing everything to "interference".

Source: Soul Matrix (includes video and audio)

You are not here to play small. You are not here to work in some dull dead-end job. You are not here to endure an unhappy relationship. You are not here to feel helpless or stuck. You are here to wake up to the fullness of your own light, your true brilliance and your inner untapped potential. This intention was set before you entered this lifetime. You planned to become a servant within this grand scheme of awakening. Until you fully wake up in this body of bone and blood you have no idea what you are truly capable of. You can only realise and actualise this when you get on track with your mission. The question is, are you going to take the red pill or blue pill?

A Cosmic Perspective on Resistance 

It felt like a good idea at the time. As a Starseed entering this world you may feel a bit like someone who has signed up for a parachute jump. It sounded a good idea in the planning stage but now you are in the plane and the door opens and you feel the wind on your face it does not seem such a good idea. When you look down at the earth far below you definitely start to have second thoughts. Welcome to planet earth. You jump and notice that gorgeous thing called gravity embracing you with open arms. Gone is the light of the spirit worlds and the feeling of unity consciousness. You jump and hope for a good landing.

Falling asleep in this 3D world. When you arrive on planet earth you forget your mission. You have a vague idea that you are here to do something but that is about as far as it goes. Please note you are not on a mission to suffer. You are not here to understand this world, you are here to help create anew one. You have arrived at a time when this world is shifting out of a period of spiritual darkness. You are part of the light working here to create a new world. This process is not easy. Before you accepted this mission you knew there were challenges. Resistance is a normal aspect of waking up. Everyone on the planet has resistance. Awakening can be challenging. There is no awakening without some form of resistance.  As we know we are passing through a powerful time in our collective awakening. The planet is ascending out of 3D and shaking loose much that is old and outdated. The planet has ascended into the 4D bandwidth and this means we have greater access to synchronicity, flow and miracles. The story does not end there since it is the destiny of this planet to ascend into the 5D bandwidth. There are many Starseeds on the planet assisting in this collective ascension process. This waking up process is not always easy, it is a little like getting born, after a process of discomfort there is a new phase that opens.

Waking up can be graceful or very challenging. Some Starseeds have fallen deeply asleep and so the process of awakening tends to be a bit more dramatic to compensate. At the graceful end awakening can seem like planning a trip to a new country. It feels exciting though there are practical challenges to arrange for the trip to ensure its ultimate success. At the more challenging end the journey is triggered by a seemingly unexpected event, perhaps an illness, a divorce, a betrayal, a redundancy, a powerful encounter with sacred plant medicine and so on. Whatever the process, whether graceful or challenging resistance is natural. It is a rule of thumb that the bigger the intended step, the bigger the intended awakening, the bigger will tend to be your resistance to the process.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it. Starseeds are here with a mission to help anchor a higher frequency of light, love and possibility on the planet. This alone is a huge mission but there is more. Many also come with more specific missions such as to work with energy and light, to heal the earth and the various kingdoms of life on the earth, and to break old 3D systems (these are the whistle-blowers, people like Julian Assange and groups such as Anonymous). Some come with missions to help other Starseeds awaken and get on their path. Many Starseeds are sensitive and intuitive and drawn to work as channels, healers and spiritual teachers. Starseeds are not immune to resistance and if anything, they have their own particular brand or flavour of resistance. Starseeds come with a sense of mission but fall asleep coming out of the birth canal and then have to work out what it is they are here to do. Starseeds, like everyone else on the planet begin to live within a tight comfort zone. The guardians of this zone are apathy, doubt, fear, hurt and many other forms of resistance. Starseeds in this zone forget their multidimensional nature and have a sense of being disconnected from their own light and from Source energy.

The energetic grids within and around  the earth are shifting. I was born in the late 50’s when the old karmic earth grid was very much in place. I grew up feeling connected to this energy. When I came to the spiritual path and was taught grounding most of the spiritual teachers did not really know that a new earth grid was forming. In sessions, I find that most Starseeds are still too much connected to the old earth grid. Again, it is a simple matter to teach our energy fields to align with the new crystalline grid. When this happens Starseeds feel increasingly at home on this new ascending timeline. This alignment will help reduce resistance to awakening to their full power and potential.

Starseeds are here to end an ancient darkness. This planet is now a sacred planet. For thousands of years this planet was a dark planet where dark forces have been in control manipulating the masses. Even if a Starseed has not fully awoken there is a deep feeling that something is not right on the planet. Many Starseeds are super sensitive and feel lower frequencies around them. Many have been subjected to psychic attack on the astral planes. This can produce a fear in waking up and shining their light too brightly. Many Starseeds still carry unresolved karma from systems ruled by the ‘dark’. This is something that has to be faced during the awakening process. When I was waking up I had a strong memory of being burnt alive for being a witch. This was a terrifying vision but ultimately liberating. It helped me understand some of the fear of being persecuted for me ‘New Age’ beliefs that I was facing at the time. Many Starseeds are here at this time to also help resolve karma from other systems. There is much help here now and many tools to help dissolve karma without having to go through all the physical juggling acts usually involved in balancing 3D karma.

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