14 September 2018

Challenging ~ Celia Fenn & Steve Nobel

I'm posting these two messages together because they both validate the sort of energy effects that have been occurring in past days. They will provide a level of comfort for those who are also experiencing similar effects.

Celia Fenn:
This has been an incredibly hard and difficult time for me.

The Venus in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus combination is knocking the living daylights out of me! This combination is very prominent in my chart, so really feeling it.

Strangely enough, as a loss of identity and a need for "Rebirth". The "me" who lived in the old house is not the same "me" that lives and will live in this new house. I find it disturbing that, as yet, I do not "fit" in this new space. I have to redefine myself and look at who I am...I am becoming.....

Today I spent the entire day in bed. After two weeks of packing and unpacking, I am beyond exhausted! I have been struggling with my physical body and the levels of exhaustion and anxiety on the emotional level.

So, from me here in my "September Rebirthing" I send love and hugs to all of you as you transit this pre-Equinox passage. Especially thinking of all my friends in the USA as you deal with the arrival of Hurricane Florence on the East Coast.

May we all travel these energies to a happier and richer place in the New Earth energies!

Steve Nobel:
This past few weeks have been quite tough in many ways though it has allowed me to slow down, receive healing and do some much necessary inner work. 

 I know I am not the only one going through this kind of process. 

Thank you for all good wishes and support. I hope you are emerging (or about to emerge) into a frequency of possibility and light.

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