24 September 2018

Declaring and Claiming Your Worthiness ~ Paul Selig

Source: Empath 1111

Get this, everybody: Nothing is really handed to you in consciousness. It all requires a declaration or a claim of worthiness. If you are receptive to love, you will greet love. If you are not receptive to love, for whatever reasons, and love comes to the door, you may not let him in. Do you understand this? You may not let love in, because you have not claimed it or you have not allowed it for whatever reasons. And these are the reasons, we say, that have obstructed the well. You are the well, you are the well, you are the well.

And we are going now to show you what it would look like to be the well in full realization. Imagine now that you are standing on a grassy bed surrounded by trees and flowers and everything is alive and resonating in love. And you stand at the center with your arms open, and as people come to you they are nourished in frequency and they are reminded of their own love. And this is you, finally, as the well. You are drawing that well into you. You are the chalice, you are the expression of love, and you are being love incarnate.

Paul Selig - The Book of Love and Creation
A Channeled Text

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