18 September 2018

Equinox & The 13th Gate ~ Aluna Ash ~ 18 September 2018

Please listen here. Aluna Ash covers several topics pertaining to current situations relating to our Ascension. She also mentions, again, "Galactic intervention".

Description given:

Things are about to start speeding up even more with the Ascension and the amount of Transmissions that we receive as a collective for the spiritual evolution of the human collective.

Parallel realities that have been created through manipulation of the Free Will experiment are collapsing into one unified field creating a lot of deja vu and the Mandela effect.

The body is reaching a new stage in the light body integration through activation of the thalamus, pineal & pituary gland responsible for the next phase in the light body/spiritual evolutionary process. This is taking place within the human collective & the planet itself- opening the pillar of light, the 13th gate.

When all chakras activate- it creates a white pillar/column of light. (Many have already had these activations but will feel the 3rd eye and crown chakra stimulation in connection to Gsia & the natural grid) It is basically a shield or seal for the souled humans in this matrix to be able to move forward physically through this transition to 4th density (and 5th dimensional consciousness) & collapse of the draco empire.

The Event is coming... pure white light. I saw exactly where I am when it happens & i look the same age.

**Heavy Stargate clearing & galactic intervention (fleets, multiple units/ships) is taking place until the 11th moon- Nov. They are "getting ready" These ships are each several miles long- MASSIVE. I dont know exactly how to explain it or why, but the size def freaked me out... wasn't expecting it.

Transmissions will pick up. There is a battle over these diff stargates across the planet right now. There's alot of water coming. There will be complete Grid system failure in diff locations.. will begin as connection/technology difficulties in some of these locations.

This is starting already. We are in "Midpoint of Phase 2 of the Closing Cycle of the Ascension program in connection to the Free Will experiment and Twinflame experiment."

If you are here as a true twinsoul you are here to guide and teach, not leave until the absolute end.

 Learning to tap into the different realms of thought is so powerful. Our evolution can be unlocked within the unconscious & imagination as a direct connection to Source/God.

Albert Einstein quote. "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution."

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