29 September 2018

Eric Raines ~ 28 September 2018

"We got this."

Source: Eric Raines

As we shift further into the circus that is media, politics, social engineering and gaslighting, remember the end goal. The Apocalypse. The definition of Apocalypse means nothing more than the unveiling, or the bringing to light everything that was hidden.

The end goal is to reveal everything occulted in the darkest closets of the human collective. All the skeletons are coming out for everyone to see. Knowing this means that we are aware of the process, understanding that the end goal is healing.

This is higher perspective understanding. This is the mindset that produces the act of "being in 5D" that the spiritual community is abuzz with trying to figure out.

Knowing this, recognize what is happening inside of humanity collectively...what is happening inside of you. Recognize what you are feeling. From this higher perspective, it allows you to look within and truly observe what is being created within humanity right now. Division. Anger. Needing to be right. Lack of connection. Trauma. Fear. Malice.

I have given an in depth overview of exactly what human emotion is in the multidimensional fabric of reality and this can be found here.  


Use this awarenesses to ignore the spoken word in your mind. Stop listening to logical talking. Go straight to the feeling. Does it feel wholesome, or is it uncomfortable. Do you prefer this or do you not?

By beginning to pay attention to the fruits (the effects), we can see the true nature of whatever it is we are observing.

In this world of purely emotion/energetic influences, recognize that we can be completely aware of the 3D happenings, yet not give our energy to it. We do not have to become emotionally invested here. We can allow the catharsis to release and heal, learning and growing the entire time.

If you do find yourself triggered by the current distractions/releases-of-trauma, there is an opportunity to heal triggers that most likely have been passed down through generations of energetic/emotional wounding, as well as directly through the DNA. There is an opportunity to break the cycle, not just for you, but everyone descended from you as well.

There is an opportunity for magnificent, planetary wide healing.

Specifically with the Kavanaugh court proceedings, recognize that many of our women, our mothers, sisters and daughters have been sexually abused and assaulted, as well as quite a few of our men.

Recognize that many of our men, our fathers, our brothers and sons have been falsely accused, as well as quite a few of our women.

There is generation wounding/triggering flashing up to the surface right now. We came here to be the tranquil stability these energies need in order to smoothly purge.

Where are you directing your energy? This is are deeply responsible question...it is not just you that you are affecting with your internal state...

Let's bring focus back to what we WANT to experience by healing the wounds that are brought up from these purges induvidually. If enough of us do this, it becomes collective.

As you see your brother/sister lashing out in trauma response, hold space. Do not get pulled into the circus. Stay connected to the observation and feeling of "Do I truly enjoy how this feels?"

We got this

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