26 September 2018

Events. The Shift. ~ Aluna Ash ~ 26 September 2018

Using discernment, always, thank you.

Accompanying message for the video:
Ill go more into detail in an audio video, but its basically the same message for months- transformation through a series of events within collective timeline triggering mass awakenings.

New technology comes in after this.

My guides want me to talk about stations that are in place, the help we have, locations, the prep, people/corps involved, etc... so no one gets freaked out because it has to collapse to start new.

Ill do that on Wednesdays LIVE group meditation at 9pm EST USA The grid failure is being tested now in diff areas from what i was remote viewing Implants and tags within the collective will begin to be removed/disabled.

This is all a process and takes time but everything is beginning to unfold much quicker then originally expecting due to anchored events within collective timelines (multiple) and timeline linking through manipulation.

Crystalline body upgrades will speed up.

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