14 September 2018

Grid Changes ~ Aluna Ash ~ 14 September 2018

The link to this video message from Aluna Ash is here.


Description given:
Quick msg Soul group unions, coming together w your soul group.

This is a collective karmic reset, purge. Death, rebirth through transformation.

When I saw the hurricane, I also saw tornados.. (Thats in the post from 9/2) seeing that again.

***Events pick up after next week. Storms, eruptions earthquakes... weather related events in collecrive timeline.

Ill post seperate on these soon. I see in energy/light so locations im not always sure of. Ill post the channeled msgs seperate about 13th gate, stargate, planetary shift, events Integration changes the body, our field mirrors the earth.

Energy from the planets crystalline core is surfacing creating shifts in the light body.

Detach. Rest. Sleep. Meditate.

Take care of yourself, its a very deep collective purge & if you connect to the collective consciousness you will tune into this more easily then others right now- you can go from up to down hr to hr.

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