29 September 2018

Humanity, The Retrial, and Finally … Forgiveness ~ Aluna Joy Yaxk’in with The Star Elders, Jeshua and Archangel Michael ~ 26 September 2018

An incredibly wonderful update from Aluna Joy Yaxk'in, telling us what's unfolding with Mother Gaia as she determinedly progresses through her own Ascension, with Humanity in tow. 

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Source: Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

In this life changing year, humanity has processed non-stop, facing deep emotional and physical issues, and forgotten layers of old wounds. It has hit us globally, in our countries, in our relationships, and in our bodies. The last time that I was witness to this much concentrated change, it was 1986-87! For those that remember that time, you know what I am talking about. We were not the same after 1986-87, and we will not be the same after 2018.

On our recent Avalon pilgrimage (July 2018), it was clear that all the sacred sites that we visited had a huge rise in energy. It was a powerful pilgrimage but a bit exhausting as we had to adapt to the higher frequencies. Everywhere we went we saw that humanity was scraping the very bottom of the belly of the dragon. It is deep cleaning time. The dragon is our energy body / kundalini. Anything left in our energy body that is out of alignment with current new frequencies cannot go forward with us. These things are being dredged up by the truck loads now and flushed to the surface. What we are left with in this sea of limbo like confusion, is no other option but to finally let go and forgive. Some issues are resurfacing only to see that there was and still is no solution, and we are now looking for positive ways to have closure. Tolerance, compassion and forgiveness are called for in many situations in our lives where love is still not enough. It is time to be a wise warrior (in service to you and your community) and pick carefully what we take forward with us as we begin to move on. A new door is opening.

The dragon is also the powerful ley lines and the uncountable, smaller tributaries that circumnavigate this Earth. We are seeing more catastrophic fires, violent storms, flooding, volcanic activity and earthquakes. Mother Earth is processing, and we are feeling it with her. We have no choice . . . we either clear our slate, or pay a heavy price. Mother Earth is releasing major new codes and ancient wisdom. New future codes are coming to the surface from the untouched core of the Earth, through lava flows and plumes of ash and smoke. The most powerful release is on a main ley line driver wheel in Hawaii. Ancient Wisdom is being released into our oceans and lifted up and distributed by mega storms from melting ice caps at both poles. This melting ice is filled with magnetic / solar / comic micro-particles holding unfathomable information from the vast cosmos that landed here millions of years of ago. This is ancient wisdom that has been hibernating for millions of years for this time. Maybe this will reveal the part of the “surprise” that the Star Elders continue to speak about.

How is this manifesting in our world now?

We live in very different times than in the pre-2012 era. Abuses of power (mis-creations) that were reluctantly accepted or kept secret out of fear or shame during the 40s, 50s, 60s, etc... are no longer tolerated now. The retrials are beginning. The retrials are a necessary process as the light of a new era shines upon our history. Humanity will re-process history in the light of the current frequencies. These are the same frequencies which are triggering newly surfacing values that now honor the Goddess and the Great Mother. This is what we need to accomplish together in order to fully ascend into the new frequencies in our physical bodies. Much of our past cannot and will not come along for this new journey.

(We were clear about the Goddess being fully awake and rising up to clear the field for this new cycle. See our original message from the end of 2016 that predicted the events of this powerful year . . . THE DIVINE FEMININE TSUNAMI! “Ascended Masters all over the world are upgrading and turning UP the volume in many power points on the Earth. This action is a cleansing, purifying, violet flame on steroids according to Archangel Michael.” http://www.alunajoy.com/2016-november-29.html )

This retrial is why our mass media news seems to be on a permanent loop. We will not go forward until these things are faced, processed, healed or forgiven. We see resurfacing stories like Mia Farrow and Woody Allen, Sally Field sharing her secrets of abuse, even Elizabeth Smart’s harrowing kidnaping and abuse. Then we have Stormy Daniels and our President, Brett Kavanaugh and Dr Ford, etc… all with very challenging and similar situations. The list goes on and on. The misuse of sacred sexual energy is being brought into the light of these news times and being retried under higher frequencies and the Goddess’ ideals (pure creative force of the universe). But there is much more than the mis-use of sexual energy being cleared now. Secrets and all that was hidden from us, the pure and aligned and the twisted and mis-created, are now being disclosed.

We are not bailing on Earth this time like we were forced to in Atlantis or called to in Lumeria. We are staying here for this big ride into a new cycle. We are transforming the past into the present through our own physical forms that still hold programing and memory that cannot go any further. I hope this makes sense to you today as it took me a long time to process this message, as I too was being dismantled, going through a retrial and am now being rebuilt.

Here is the crazy point. At this time, it no longer matters if everything we are facing is truth or not. Memory and wounds are selective, warped with time and even distorted by these new energies. Old grudges and deep wounds laced with an unwillingness to forgive have hit a global epidemic. What we think we are clearing may not be what it really is at all, and may be a clue to a greater clearing of a larger, collective, contaminated creations and actions. With that said, all that comes up still needs to be addressed. This is a process that we are now waist deep in.

We need to remember that truth is never in the past; it is only in the present. Yet we will be left with no other option but to face the twisted past, process it, heal and move forward. Soon we will see there will be no other option but to forgive and move on. This is not an easy process. It is very hard work and heart breaking at times. But the good news is that there is more support worldwide for this process from awakening humanity than ever before. Humanity is claiming their power and are cleaning up the mess that we made in the past. But I find comfort in knowing that our Guides, Angels and Masters still have our backs as we process. We are not on our own, lost in a void filled with craziness and confusion. We are being gently held as we move forward.

Many people will have to become accountable to things long forgotten or thought they had been put to rest. This may be the hardest work of your life. We must value truth over our comfort. . . and replace faith and hope with accountability and right action. This work can be heavy and challenging as mass reprocessing of the past is placed in the light of today’s standards. As we rise up further, anything that was a miscreation, or was an abuse of power, will be going to retrial again as if it happened decades or even centuries ago.

Today we need to rise up and anchor to a higher path. We need to face that which arises and not avoid the challenges, which does not solve anything and only puts off what needs to be cleared. Humanity is not perfect, so forgive yourself and then others. This has been a grand experiment, and consciousness is always growing and evolving. If we were perfect, we would have no need to be here working this out in physical form. Remember we do the best we can with what we have in each moment. We are still, however, DIVINE BEINGS even though we are linked to the history that we made, and the karma that we created. Today we are asked, yet again, to take it higher.

Gandhi once said “You cannot flight a sane war with an insane opponent.” Crazy making insanity is very obvious in our world today. The world is losing its mind, and it really needs to. Much of what is in our minds is from the past, and no longer truth. Yet to make sense of it all, we are labeling and putting a lot humanity in boxes, so we don’t have to work the situation and find solutions. We need to find a way to heal the global epidemic of addiction, narcissism, borderline personality disorder, insanity, chronic trauma etc.... Even though today’s experts say that there is no cure for many of the problems we are facing, it is time that we find an answer. As this craziness goes ballistic (and we are getting close to this point), we will realize that we are all a little nuts in so many wonderful ways, and we can finally end the labeling, finger pointing, judgments and taking sides, that are plaguing our world.

When we get to the point where there is no way left for humanity to judge and/or avoid situations in front of us, we will have two choices: We can keep diving into the insanity and become completely lost in it, or we can step away from the insanity and find a new approach that operates at a higher frequency. The universe is waiting for us to do the “Greater Things!” Let’s find these doors and open them, because each person, no matter who they are, has Gods light inside them. All these doors between us, that lock us apart from each other, all of them open back to God at the heart.

The old ways are crumbling right before our eyes and under our feet. We are just now beginning to anchor into a new foundation that will be our base frequency for another 26,000 year cycle of time. This is not going away, so there is nothing left to lose. We can only leap into this very weird, limbo-like space, and face humanity’s retrial in all its ugly, painful and glorious light-filled empowering forms. So much is cooking just below our radar right now. Past vs present and our spirit vs humanness cannot tolerate any disconnect between the two anymore. We are integrating our history and bringing through a cleansing fire into the future. THIS IS US taking the beginning steps of physically ascending. For the Star Elders, our guides of light and the Ascended Masters watching closely, they are excited to see the monumental steps that we are taking right now.

These times feel unanchored, unpredictable, and hard to trust, but underneath it all, we are feeling a state of grace. Pure divinity is being birthed as the cleared past integrates into the present frequencies. There are new ways of processing this current crazy time if you are open to it.

Be the eyes to see as God Sees,
Be the ears to hear as God Hears.
Be the heart to love as God Loves.
Be the knowing as God Knows.

Are you ready to be your new higher self?

Humanity’s brilliant radiance of the Inner Cosmic Christ, in the unified Collective Consciousness, will strike a beautiful, encompassing, cleansing Violet Fire across our Earth. This birth of a new Earth will be a world of peace, working within global unity, and in support of all human kind in absolute equality. Our Earth will be governed by an awakened human species without the need for a government or laws. The truth will be lived; not taught. This was your divine plan all along. If you believe the world could change in an instant, what would your life look like? It is time to dream BOLD and BIG. ~ The Star Elders 3/8/2018

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