25 September 2018

Lasers From Saturn ~ Paula Gilley ~ 18 September 2018

Followed a hunch and went through the comments on The Portal, saw this (here) and followed the link. If the footage is authentic, all I can say is....nothing. Totally speechless.

Unless I'm mistaken, Saturn is already all cleared up. So I don't think the beams are attacking Earth or something sinister.

Watch here....

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  1. looks like a double laser sky pointer pointed by someone standing some dozen yards/ meters to the right. With a quick search I just found this model, but needless to say these come in all sorts of laser colors:


    I do not have the time right now to slow down the vid AMAP to see if the light originates from below or from Saturn. Would be a simple test anybody can do as long as the vid has been shot with sufficient fps.

  2. PS: I'd say with close to 100% certainty someone playing with a double laser sky pointer, switching colors and # of lasers. In some frames it is clearly visible that the pointers do NOT originate from Saturn but are being pointed slightly next to it, then moved to focus onto Saturn.

    Hope I'm not being too realistic .. ;)

    1. I actually did slow down the clip to 0.3x speed, and it seems to me that the light originates from Saturn. It's quite pixelated. I'm not entirely certain, but that's what it looks like to me, from Saturn.

    2. I downloaded the vid in highest res available but it only offers 25 fps. Then imported into iMovie and looked at the laser beam parts frame by frame. As expected 25 fps is NOT enough to disassemble light speed: from any frame x to any frame x+1 the beams are just there, and from frame y to y+1 they are gone again. Looked at about 15 such frame sets - no way at all to tell direction. That's pure mathematics in the end. So no, I stick to a multiple laser pointer - always the most sense making and probable explanation first (you know me by now, I'm not into superstition and sensationalism - might be a bit of a pain-in-the-butt for some hardcore believers) :)

    3. Thanks for the effort, Lee :) It's hard to tell at this point.