19 September 2018

Latest News & Commentary ~ Simon Parkes & Kerry Cassidy ~ 18 September 2018

I've only heard about 20 minutes of this, and wanted to post it first. It's been a long while since I listened to Simon Parkes, after following him and JP regularly for some time before I stopped (for reasons of my own). I still have some doubts, but that's just me.

What adds to the scope of this discussion is that we get to hear from two different sources who may have differing "versions" but nevertheless, an underlying commonality. Of course, this is assuming that the information brought forth is authentic.

Please listen here.

I talk with Simon Parkes and we compare notes on what's happening around the world. 

QUITE POSSIBLY the most important information and intel out there as of RIGHT NOW. DO NOT MISS THIS. 

Heads up about indictments and possible shut down of some services…Northern Calif fires, Satellites shut down, Solar Observatories shut down THE REAL TRUTH and much more…

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