18 September 2018

Ley Line Activation ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 16 September 2018

Source: New Earth Central

I just returned from a two-week break spent in and around Paris, France. It has been almost 10 years since I took a vacation, being deeply submerged in the Ascension Process for the past decade. But earlier this year I started feeling pulled to return to France.

Much of my spiritual work involves global activations, ley lines and gridwork in supporting the planetary shift in consciousness. This trip would turn out to be more than just a much-needed vacation!

Paris is a magical place for me, a celebration of the divine feminine in its art, architecture, fashion, food and culture. I couldn’t wait to slide into French society and soak it all in. Traveling with Manette, we reveled in the beauty and grace of France.
Upon arriving in Paris, I first needed to get grounded in my body. Ever since my kundalini activation in 1994, I’ve been anchoring my body’s meridian network to the sacred ley lines of the crystralline grid system that links the sacred sites (earth chakras) around the world. Serving as an angelic gatekeeper and gridworker, I cannot function without linking up to this global communication relay system to higher realms.

So on the first day of our journey I was guided to the Church of Saint-Sulpice and located the ley line that connects to earth’s gridwork. Made famous by Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, historians claim the Zero Meridian, or Rose Line, links Saint-Sulpice in Paris to the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland and the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Located in the church floor is a brass line leading to an obelisk marking the Zero Meridian. I magnetically locked my feet chakras onto the ley line and immediately calmed down, adjusting to zero point frequency. The sacred space pulsed with divine feminine energy!

Throughout our time in Paris I kept hearing Spirit call me to Chartres. Just an hour away from Paris lies the historical Cathedral of our Lady of Chartres, built in 1200’s on an ancient celtic site. According to New Age historians and wisdom keepers, there are two telluric meridians that twine in a sinusoidal double helix made of male and female essence called the Michael/Mary line. This powerful ley extends through the Chartres Cathedral to Stonehenge and the Avebury/Silbury complex, and 70 miles due west to Glastonbury Abbey where the Michael and Mary lines intersect. (I’m planning a trip in Spring 2019 for sacred ceremony at Stonehenge/Glastonbury…details soon)

Since 2012 I’ve been working very closely with the power grid of Mt. Shasta, California, the earth chakra of the crystalline grid system. Located at the intersection of universal ley lines there exists powerful spin-points or vortices that operate as portals or stargates. There is a massive anti-clockwise vortex spinning at Mt. Shasta. It is my Soul’s portal into the earth plane. While living on the mountain, I’ve been anchoring and spinning in Mt. Shasta’s vortex stargate and anchoring in the New Earth holographic plane.

Many Lightworkers are physical anchors of new consciousness, acting as conduits of divine energies and download sacred key codes for the new earth. The seeding at Mt. Shasta is ready to bloom! While grounded to the earth chakra of Mt. Shasta, I am being guided to overlay new holographic timelines at sacred sites around the world.

So on our final day in Paris we trekked to Chartres and entered the Cathedral. I had no idea where the ley line was, so I started slowly moving around the church. Suddenly as I stepped in front of a small altar an enormous surge of light current rushed up my feet, legs and chakra channel. Hanging above the altar was a painting of the Madonna and child and a gold engraving on the gate assigned ‘chapelle de tous le saints’ (Chapel of all saints).

This was the spot! My merkaba torus started spinning counter-clockwise and activated the stargate portal. Energy surged down my body and locked into the Chartres ley line at my feet. It felt like pure divine Mary/Magdelene/Mother/Goddess essence pouring through my channel and into the crystalline grid. It was an infusion of such powerful love, compassion and grace, I burst into tears of joy! The feminine power surge flowed for 10-15 minutes into the ley line and then morphed into the new earth timeline gaining traction on the Michael/Mary line. For another 10-15 minutes the New Earth consciousness flooded down my channel into the grid. The new timeline super-imposed on the existing ley line and merged. Old and new united in singularity.

The New Earth cannot birth without the divine feminine force. It is imperative that we all embrace and embody the New Earth light codes of unity consciousness and awaken the feminine force within. We may be called in service to travel to sacred sites in the coming years. Heed the call. It was subtle, but persistent. “Overlay the Mt. Shasta stargate with the Michael/Mary ley line in Chartres”. It is still alive within me. I will never forget this profound experience and am so grateful to serve the Light.

I will be joining Manette this Wednesday, September 19th for our New Earth podcast and will transmit the energies of the Michael/Mary line at Chartres to you. We will take your questions and do ‘live’ activations to support your personal Ascension.

If you would like to participate, you can register here: https://newearthcentral.com/?p=206690

This Saturday, September 22nd we will broadcast our Equinox Global Activations to all who are called to birth our New Earth. The annual Equinox occurs when day and night are the same length. It is a sacred moment when all stand equal in the balance of opposites.

We will connect to the galactic frequency generator of the Great Pyramid and power up the Metatron merkabic quantum stargate to seed more New Earth light codes.

The registration is here: https://newearthcentral.com/?p=206685

While we pass through these heightened threshold moments, you may feel super-sensitive to the charged energies involved. During the Equinox Gateway when the sun aligns with the equator, it reduces polarity in earth’s electromagnetic field. The seams between dimensions stretch and open, allowing more access to higher realms. Step into the vortex and ascend!

Lovingly, Meg
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