14 September 2018

Mangkhut: Urgent Assistance

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From what I can gather, Florence is now Category 1.

However, Mangkhut is still posing a grave threat, from this update I just read:

For those who are able to assist, please work your loving magic for Mangkhut, which is still at Super Typhoon status. Please also include Florence, any relief in any degree makes a huge difference.

We Love Mass Meditations also has requested for more help:

I feel that we don't need to just do that meditation alone. We can also continue to send our loving energies whenever we can, the day.

And now, here's something I would like to highlight:

We can read from this report that Mangkhut has changed course and will now bypass Taiwan. This is the second time I'm aware that something like this has happened. The first time was last year, when a typhoon (I forget which) was expected to hit Taiwan but "changed course" and bypassed the island.

Taiwan is sufficiently fortified by a strong Lightworker presence, with an adequate Cintamani grid. And....the Pleiadians are there. Need I say more?....

So let's help out the Philippines and Hong Kong, thank you!

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