27 September 2018

Moving Toward Wholeness ~ Legacy ~ September 19, 2018 ~ S1:Ep1

I haven't viewed this yet, so I'm unsure of its contents. Please note that Gaia now only allows free viewing for 24 hours, instead of the former 48.

Please watch here:
How can we tap into the universal frequencies which can bring about healing and wellbeing? 
First, we must first realize that everything in existence is an expression of vibration and resonance. 
Ervin Laszlo guides us on an exploration of the principles which are paving the way to human immortality. He explains vibratory coherence, where every cell and organ is in tune with the whole system, which can promote increasing stem cells and telomerase throughout the body. This increases the possibility of lengthening one's life and the quality of that life as well. 
In Season One of Legacy, philosopher Ervin Laszlo reveals the deepest mysteries of who we are and why we are here, explaining how we can tap into our potential as a sapient species connected with a conscious universe.

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