25 September 2018

My Purpose ~ Seeds of Thought

This is posted for the observation about toddlers speaking in third person when they first learn to talk. When I read this, a giant lightbulb went off in my head. Wow....now I know....

Source: Seeds of Thought

Did you ever notice that infant children first learn to speak of themselves in the 3rd person?

Do you exist in only one time and space or does your consciousness expand into other worlds, beings, and/or planes of existence?

Do you usually feel like the observer in your dreams?

Would it be wrong of you to believe that you are the “Creator-God” of the universe around you?

Is your energy/soul/consciousness connected to everyone and everything?

Are you here for a purpose? Are you living this purpose?

These are all great questions to think and meditate on.

I first noticed children speaking of themselves in the 3rd person about 14 years ago when my infant granddaughter was first learning to speak fluently. She would say something like “Hope is sad because she can’t go outside.” Now, most people around her thought it was cute, but I was drawn to the possibility that there was much more to it.

Her true essence/self/energy was observing the human being that was her. OMG, this isn’t cute, it is AMAZING!

Am I living my purpose? The quickest way to know is to answer this one question with brutal honesty:

Am I passionate about waking up in the morning and doing whatever it is that occupies my day?

Hilde Larsen wrote, “If you are not living a life filled with passion and direction, enthusiasm and meaning, you are not living your purpose.” ( https://bit.ly/2OMkQ42 )

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