15 September 2018

Observatory Closure ~ The Fifth World featuring Gina Maria Colvin Hill ~ 14 September 2018

This is the first time I've come across this source, so I don't know anything much about about The Fifth World except that this video is a collection of the incredible images Gina Maria Colvin Hill captures, with just her mobile phone and a lens adapter!

This would be great for those who were unable to view the videos on fb. You can access the video from The Fifth World here.

Gina's fb link is here.


  1. Omg...its glares>>>>


  2. like Donna Dofunky already found out independently of me:

    "Gina, wrong wrong wrong..its not a ^ ship^!!! Its inside your lens!!"

    The round object with the round hole in the middle is CLEARLY the reflection of the lens of her cell phone camera! Just turn your cell phone around and you will see. We would need to know her exact model to match it. My main smart phone has a rectangular outer lens body, but my 2ary one has such a round lens shell, too. In the very middle you see the actual camera.

    When holding some semi-transparent material in front of her lens as she does, there CAN ONLY be all sorts of reflections!!

    The bright "object" is most likely the refl. of the flash that went off even during day light because very most likely she also covered the brightness sensor next to the camera with that thingy she held against the back of her phone.....

    COMPLETE BS !!! Luckily I'm not the only one seeing this (right off hand).

    A night-vision camera (infrared - expensive) is needed to catch UFOs, esp. the cloaked ones, like some people on YT have been using.

    Please spread this basic education. Back to sanity, please. Thanks.

    1. Thanks, Lee. I don't know much about photography, so there's much I don't understand. I've seen some of Gina's images with an infrared filter.

      I'll see where this goes....Blessings :)

  3. Gina is not using a professional infrared camera but an infrared lens which needs to be put over her phone. Such are at the very best amateur grade because a) the wavelengths need to be transformed and the camera still records usual wavelength and b) because of the double lens there WILL be all sorts of distortions/ reflections/ obfuscations.

    She does not state on her page anything about her equipment - which phone, with which built-in camera lens, and what exact kind of "filter" device. Someone mentions an "iPhone 8 and a super wide angle lens", but that's unconfirmed.

    Some additional quotes from comments about her which should speek for themselves:

    When "you’re pointing a lens at the sun, you know what’s going to happen? Ask any photographer. Round lens flares. Not aliens. Sorry"

    She uses "her phone camera with different filters over the lense that really don't work well when used that way."

    "How is it that an iPhone with a filter can take pictures of space craft next to the sun, but all of our telescopes and whatnot are unable to see it? Other people should be able to replicate her process, right?"

    "She’s also recording a screen"

    I understand we'd love to be able to film the Level 1 domain (specific km range of the atmosphere above our heads) invasion, but sure not like that.... might as well film your front loader washing machine spin LOL

    1. Many thanks, Lee. I appreciate your patience. Darn :/

  4. Urgent message to the community by Ben from suspicious0bservers:



    Please watch Ben's terrified message first, then read his significant and revealing comment below the video.

    1. Ummm...why is he having a different accent now? More British than American?

    2. From the comments:

      "Everyone knows a British accent makes you sound more credible. LOL"


      "LMFAO!!!! I don't usually comment, but when i do.... you can bet its because i'm laughing my ass off! Great Satire. Sarcasm..... 100% truth, just processed and packaged for easy digestion!"

      For completion, here's Ben's message:

      "Obviously... they are not [HIDING THE SUN]! I'd be losing my mind. You wouldn't need an internet to hear me whining like a little girl. This is my life, my channel is 99% anti-mainstream, but this closing-solar-observatories story is utter garbage. What's worse, I know the channels doing it, and they KNOW its garbage, but it helps them get clicks and views. DO NOT SACRIFICE INTEGRITY FOR YOUR EMOTION HIGHS. There are mainstream lies, con men who play on your emotions and recognition of the lies, and then there are Suspicious0bservers. I agree, don't be fooled by the mainstream, but don't get fooled by these goons either."

      However, SOHO livestream is down actually: https://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov/data/realtime/mpeg/

      And right on their page we might have an explanation at least for the downtimes also of the other web cams because they all might use the same software:

      "NOTICE: Due to a recent migration to a new hardware and operating system platform, we have experienced problems migrating the software and libraries that generate the MPEG movies for this page. We are working on porting the software and we hope to have a working version soon. We apologize for the inconvenience."