30 September 2018

On-Going Meditations and Weekly Key to Freedom Meditation

The weekly Key to Freedom meditation is today, Sunday 3pm UTC (and also daily, for those interested).

For details of each meditation, please visit We Love Mass Meditations.

I believe that we've reached a very crucial phase in the Liberation process, as evidenced by the increased Fleet activity in our Solar System. I feel that we should do all we can to assist, both individually and as a group ~ please participate in this weekly meditation if you are able, thank you!

I am also personally aware of several people who carry out amazing and mind-boggling Lightwork on their own, or in small groups, and I am always in awe of their wisdom, power and Magic, and extremely grateful for what they do to move the process along in their own unique way. A huge THANK YOU to all of you for making a difference, often unnoticed and unknown 💖


  1. Count me in! I haven't missed a Sunday Cobra meditation in over two years, even though the name of it has changed a few times. :)

    Thank you, Grace!

    1. Thank YOU, Manny! That is sometimes my concern, that this Sunday meditation has been on-going for so long now, and people tend to drop off along the way. That's why I try to do the weekly reminder thing, hoping that it will encourage some to continue or resume :)

      Blessings 💖