25 September 2018

Patriarchal Purge ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 24 September 2018

Source: New Earth Central

We’re still experiencing repercussions from the Leo Eclipses of the past 2 years. It raises issues around ‘misuses of power’…and increasing self-empowerment. Since the Leo Eclipse on Aug. 11th, I’ve been clearing a core program of dark Patriarchal enslavement. It was an energetic ‘prison’ construct anchored in my energy field.

I’ve been clearing away much of the emotional, mental and physical trauma from being locked in this dark prison matrix for many years now. But the actual system has been decomposing due to the Leo Eclipses of 2017-2018. When we dismantle the Patriarchal system from our field, we also assist in dismantling it in the collective.

Many Light Beings are breaking it apart on the planet. It is in the final days of power. It will no longer be tolerated in a world that craves divine feminine solace, comfort, compassion and unconditional love. It is not a part of the New Earth plane.

The full force of the Libra Equinox and Aries Full Moon unleashed the dark patriarchal poison yesterday in a painful purge from my body. Energy releases in the same form it enters the field. The poison released after I spent 30 minutes in a hot sauna, spinning my merkba, and deep breathing to assist the purge. I leaned on the toilet as my solar plexus/gut/power center pushed the poison out of my body. I was sweating and shaking all over. The dark poison was palpable. And it was releasing!

Our bodies can no longer co-exist with such dark consciousness in our cells. The divine Light is cleansing our body like a crystal. We are elevating higher and higher into balance, harmony and loving presence. The purge is ON! Try not to resist the cleanse. You are ascending into becoming a Divine Human! And so it is!

Lovingly, Meg

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