19 September 2018

Personal Transitions: Beyond the Comfortable Into the Real (Extract – Introduction and Chapter 1) ~ Steve Nobel ~ 17 September 2018

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Source: Soul Matrix

Read this extract of Personal Transitions, a book written by Steve Ahnael Nobel, published by Findhorn Press November 2014.

This is a book that took almost 4 years to write.

Not because I am a slow and methodical writer, this is a book that needed time to coalesce.

I began a big transition in my life in the beginning of 2010 and only reached the other side in early 2014. This transition turned my life inside out and upside down.

This book dives into the heart of not only personal transition but also global transition. We are moving through a major global shift that is being fuelled by the journeys of countless brave souls on the planet.

Transition effects every dimension of our lives from the material all the way through to the spiritual. Nothing stays the same on the other side of a major transition.

A transition is one way the soul activates what we are really here to do.

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