14 September 2018

Remember ~ Marco Lopor ~ 13 September 2018

Source: Marco Lopor

Human Beings had forgotten who they really are, Divine Beings from the Galactic Family of Light made of Unconditional Love and Stardust.

This is the reason why, in the last 100 years, thousands and thousands of Starseed Souls, from the same family but different dimensions, had to volunteer here in order to let them Remember, to remove the veils of Collective Amnesia and defeat the Forces of Darkness, as already prophesied.

During the Kali Yuga, the Dark Age indeed, a mind parasite virus has infected the Ego behaviours of the Human Beings, creating Separation, Fear and Duality.

Aging and diseases are Just a consequence of the soul's alienation produced by this virus.
Living in fear and separation is what makes people weak.

The only way to come back to the original state of peaceful and harmonious Beings is to Remember that Unconditional Love is a cellular human prerogative and Oneness is our natural home.

This is not something rethorical, but really technical.

Humans are literally made of Unconditional Love and Stardust, so if You do not live on this vibrational frequency You are not aligned with your own Creation.

Fear is the opposite of Love and disconnects You from Source.

Just observe as your Life changes if You align yourself on Fearless Love.

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