24 September 2018

Rick Jewers Update ~ 23 September 2018

Interesting update from Rick Jewers, something to ponder over. For the past couple of months now, I find that I no longer feel the need to wear my watch when I go out, and there's now only one clock in my home (there used to be three).

Source: Rick Jewers

In a recent "UPDATE" You were made aware of times on Your devices being changed, and NOT told why. Here is partial, "Why".

To allow for YOUR PHYSICAL VESSEL along with Your CONSCIOUSNESS to be more fully placed on another Timeline , AND to take any bodily discomforts out of the process; (like wobbly,dizziness, phasing in and out etc), by more fully accepting the time and date shown on Your devices, AFTER WE CHANGED IT, it ALLOWS for a more efficient transportation for YOU. Also, BY You NOW KNOWING what is going on, You accept it and do NOT resist it, WE can more easily transport You to numerous timelines.

Also, We are showing You more of Your multidimensional abilities as well as giving You another confirmation of just how far You have come in enhancing Your Prowess and defying space/time. As We also said then, time nor space RESTRICTS YOU.

The way Humanity perceives time, is NOT the same for You any longer. Your Divine Work is NOT restricted by time, You may EFFECT events that are currently happening around You while You are there, from for instance, an hour before that, if Your device is set for an hour before, or whatever date and time it is set at.

This is ONLY A TEMPORARY way of doing this, You are being introduced in this manner to it while it is being integrated within You, and later do it at Your OWN FREE WILL once You have advanced self and timelines to vibration to fully integrate this Gift.


Thank You

Asyllium Council
with Rick Jewers

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