29 September 2018

Rick Jewers Updates ~ 28 September 2018

Source: Rick Jewers

Over the coming days and next few weeks it is suggested that You remain neutral in Humanoid emotion. This period is a huge transition period for All. Many events will be triggered on a wide scale upon the surface of which Your best state of Being, is to remain neutral and calm.

It is best to just let it be and go, without any energetic interference by You or Groups of You. This is where the priority reality is more stabilized in regards to the transition.

It is a time for You to patiently wait as trickles of reality align favorably to Create the next step up. It is important to monitor Your mentality to assure it is aligned with Your Higher Knowing of what is actually transpiring. Time alone and time in Nature will keep You more intuned. For some not proportionately Awakened, timelines may fluctuate wildly and You may find it less confusing to separate from the influences of others upon Your Main Timeline.

It is a time of letting go and letting be. It is actually a time of rest for most of You.

Humanoid emotions/energy like sadness and disgust, will drop You into lower timelines and cause confusion and even chaos, if You let these emotions control You. Again, remain neutral and observe, and/or separate. At this time, some of You will be leaving the timelines in play, but this does NOT mean that You may come back later, when the timelines become more stabilized.

Keep Yourself fully open to how You wish and feel that things here should be, this will assist in steering events and gives You a forward temporary attachment.

Love and Light

I received a step away from the internet of which I will be doing in the upcoming days.

I also AM SEEING that OTHERS have received the same message and are ALSO STEPPING AWAY for a bit.

Much Love and ENJOY the Show!!!

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