19 September 2018

September Equinox Meditation at 1:54 AM UTC on Sunday, September 23rd ~ We Love Mass Meditations


Source: We Love Mass Meditations

The September Equinox is the Autumn (fall) equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the Spring equinox in the Southern Hemisphere.



For people in the North, it is a time to take a step back and review what we have achieved and learnt over the Summer time, integrate the lessons and raise our frequencies.

For people in the South, it is a time of renewal and rebirth, resurrection. It’s time of transition, allow your soul to let go of the old and plant new seeds to grow for the new life coming forth.

As written by Untwine: "At the equinox the Sun enters Libra, bringing energies of Justice, Balance, and reconciling opposites. "


At this equinox, we have an opportunity to heal our core wounds as Chiron and Hygeia are in Aries. Also, as Chiron and Hygeia oppose Libra, this is the energy of inner understanding that can bring reconciliation and forgiveness within.

Moreover, as Untwine beautifully explains: "Saturn and Vesta joining together in this process is about facing reality, seeing the effects of causes and transmuting them into Light with the sacred fire of the Vesta Goddess. Mars and the south node together in Aquarius will be trine to the Sun and sextile Chiron and Hygeia, assisting us to take action, trying new different approaches and insights to address our past accumulated energies and assist the healing process."

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