26 September 2018

Shifting Reality ~ Marco Lopor ~ 25 September 2018

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You must learn to end the wars in your world by ending them in your minds.

Source: Marco Lopor

The Pleiadians: "You must learn to end wars in your world by ending them in your minds".

This Powerful statement is the real Higher Understanding of Truth.

If your Mind is able to visualize that everything in the Multiverse is a projection of Consciousness, then You Can easily understand how Unconditional Love is the only state that can manifest abundance, prosperity, equality, justice, peace and harmony.

Reality is Just a Manifestation of the Inner worlds, a reflection of what happens inside.

When You end wars in your Mind, the wars around You cease to exist because There is no energetic support for them.

This is the reason why You Will start to notice that, as your Consciousness shifts to Higher levels of understanding, the reality around You changes accordingly creating for You a different timeline.

When You start to focus on giving instead of receiving, You align yourself on the Frequency of Creation itself.

The Infinite Intelligence, Indeed, takes care of you, if You are in a "Service to others" polarity.

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