18 September 2018

Space is BIG

Space is BIG.
In this representation of the Milky Way, our Solar System is just one pixel inside the red dot.
The red circle represents the distance to the furthest single star visible to the naked eye, 16,000 lightyears away.
Anything further than that can only be seen as a conglomeration of many stars with their combined brightness.
Even within that curcle, there are hundreds of millions of stars, most too dim to be visible to the naked eye.
Our first radio transmission hasn't even come close to exiting the red dot.
And that's just on galaxy of more than a hundred billion.
Space is BIG.

Shared by Nassim Haramein, who says:

It's a challenge to even perceive how big "big" really is. 

Hopefully this meme helps you to realize how large our local environment is. 

The galaxy may seem huge, but its only a speck in Laniakea, our local supercluster of galaxies (and the galaxy is now estimated to be actually 150,000 light-years across)

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