18 September 2018

The Divine As You ~ Paul Selig

Source: Empath 1111

Now, the Divine as you has an obligation to you to be realized as and through you, and as she knows this she calls into being the circumstances required to demonstrate this knowing through. Many of you come here to this class and you say, “Show me. Show me what I am. Make me know myself as you say I must be.” We cannot do that for you but we will lead you up the mountainside one step at a time to the reckoning you need – the facing of the self you require to know who you are as the Divine being you truly are.

So we will say this is a very important class in ascension, and ascending the mountain of consciousness you wish obligates you to transform your lives for the very simple reason that what you have claimed in low consciousness cannot be lifted up the side of the mountain. You must see yourself as the one ascending the landscape and understand very simply that those things that you have known yourself through will be carried by you only to the limit that they can be held.

When you reach a level of vibration you are confronted with choice, “Do I wish to know myself as my fear or do I wish to move beyond it?” If you wish to move beyond it our hands will be there to call you forward and the hands of your fellows, those who are coming into an awareness with you, will be there as well. But the climb is before us all now and we see you each in your readiness, your readiness to ascend to the level of awareness that you may demonstrate yourself through.

The Recreation of Self – A Channeled Lecture by Paul Selig
New Your City on January 14, 2015

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