25 September 2018

The Event ~ Aluna Ash ~ 24 September 2018

Please listen to Aluna Ash's update here.

Description given:
Just a quick msg. Felt important to share... and im feeling extremely guided to talk more on this & group meditate this evening. it feels almost urgent and I know so many other people in the community are feeling this type of energy as well and feeling their energy shifting from day to day or hour to hour

It depends on the individual on how they will experience this next transmission/photonic wave. i think alot of people are going to start seeing, dreaming or feeling this for shift/wave coming October if they havent already.

whether or not this is THE actual event or an event leading up to the actual event, it depends on collective timeline day to day i believe. I honestly believe that we are receiving more of these waves at a higher density to be able to experience THE actual event without disintegrating or creating a massive imbalance & our bodies are adjusting to this vibration so we can have the experience of it.

So October to me, is like the Transmissions being kicked up a notch but I'm not sure if it is the actual event because of the collective timeline that I'm still picking up on and it's really about the collective, not the lightworker collective, but the human Collective as a whole and where they are at in consciousness/vibration

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