20 September 2018

The Event. New Earth ~ Aluna Ash ~ 18 September 2018

Some have written in to ask about Aluna Ash's very detailed predictions/visions. I have mentioned before that we should all run the information through our Discernment-Set-To-High filter for anything with dates or predictions, and this should be no exception.

I continue posting her updates (not all of them) because that's how I operate ~ I follow a development that to me seems relevant, to see where it goes. Sometimes the sources make me go "huh?" and that's when my alarm bells go off and I am more cautious.

We all want The Event to manifest TODAY. The best I can offer is, again, go with what resonates with you, and let's continue pulling in the energies of The Event everyday until we create the situation where it can occur. Let's all play the role of Energy Alchemists ~ we'll fake it till we make it.

Here's the link to this update from Aluna. Screenshots after the description. From around the 5:55-minute mark, Aluna mentions a few things that I absolutely agreed with ~ the dark going berserk with attacks, ships from a new Race (meaning they've not been here before, or have not been here for eons ~ this was something I felt recently) are here, The Event is closer than she originally thought.

Its coming very very soon.

The time of the Event is based off of how well we integrate the transmissions we are receiving. But this is midway point of phase 2, there are 3 phases of the Closing cycle & it is "speeding up"

The ships are in position, holding light as the stargate transitions so we are able to withstand the stargates transition.

The transition is speeding up. They have to be there for us to survive.

The only ones staying on this planet are the ones merging to 4th density. 4D not 5D. New earth is a 4th density planet. They are holding the light back until we increase in vibration high enough.

💥💥Dark forces will be a massive pain in the ass right now. Set your boundaries and SAY NO.

God/your soul/source will tell you what is not uplifting for you based off of how it mskes you feel. It is not ego to stand in your authority & say no. That is listening to your spirit. Lightworkers or anyone speaking truth deals w these attacks.

We are also staying on this planet after the Event, unless our soul contract has decided for us to leave prior, during or after. Just different.

Also saw Soul groups and twin flames coming together immediately I'm not even sure how it happens (by merging into new timeline- there are several) but it just happens, to start guiding others to adjust to the new shift in Consciousness and the new technology & system changes.

They (nonphysical beings of Source) want me to say they are "put into place and ready."

Grid system will go down in diff locations. This is an aided event.

I saw 2022.. I was teaching or something. There was New technology.. I think I was seeing out after the event w 2022.

Feels like its coming very soon based off them saying "they're ready and in place"

The light is so damn bright. Its beautiful but bright where you cant see anything else but white light. Feels like love and then scary for many.

I didnt like the feeling of knowing who I know that is leaving, thats the only neg thing.

End of October 30, 31st is significant and November 11th (11/11/11) & 16th 2018 are very significant too.

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Not all will be responded to based off of the amount of emails that I've gotten from the channel, was not expecting for it to connect with that many people. I was not prepared for thousands of people reaching out even though i am so grateful & blown away.


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