24 September 2018

The Galactic Confederation ~ Adronis & Brad Johnson ~ 23 September 2018

Please watch/listen here.

Some brief notes:
  • We've reached the point where there will be a climax, a transformation, taking place
  • Negotiations with our Sun taking place now regarding Cosmic energies coming in and portalling of fleets
  • Increased activity from Galactic Confederation (compromising 500+ worlds) and Guardian Alliance 
  • Organisation and sanitisation (!) taking place for larger fleets to come together/arrive (!!!)
  • Planet being prepared for "dimensional transitioning" (3D to 4D)
  • No exact date for The Event, certain events need to play themselves out first
  • We will be going through an "induced" form of dimensional transitioning ~ because this "labour" is facing many challenges and the "birth" needs to be induced
  • Quarantine spherical field still exists, with the edge being at the Oort cloud
  • Energies and turbulence will intensify as we move into Light-dense areas in the Cosmos, our Sun will react accordingly
  • Our Planet will be an initiate member of Galactic Confederation
  • The symbol to signal the Intervention Fleets to help neutralise interference or obstructions (around 16-minute mark):
  • This call to the Intervention Fleets must be genuine and made sincerely, in state of meditation or prayer. They are not here to chat with us or be our best friends, they will only attend to the request.


  1. Thanks for the written notes (cliff notes lol) it is nice to sometimes just read the synopsis instead of watching a whole video, I'm more of a reader. :)

    1. I actually dread videos, which is why I leave them for days sometimes. And I usually watch at 1.5x speed. I prefer text, too.

      But I would recommend that you tune into the videos as well. I don't always include everything, just "brief notes". You may find something important to you that I didn't think was important to include. Also, usually, with such sources, there could be frequency codes embedded in their vocals, or visuals.

      That's why I like sending readers to the source sites :)

  2. feels good (Brad/ Adronis).

    So then, may "certain events" play themselves out ASAP, whichever those are. Any speculations?

    (plural... also plural at phases, sigh. And there are Gina's photos again - sigh once more..)

    Mahalo Grace for the digest.

    1. Welcome, Lee :) Suggest to not take "dates" too seriously.

      I feel that there's much for Humanity to "accomplish" first. We desperately need a huge leg-up in frequency and consciousness before The Event. Or else it would be just too catastrophic.

      So, we need more zaps from our Sun, the Central Sun, and Great Central Sun. We're not even half-baked yet. I think "half-baked" would be safe :)