28 September 2018

The Plasma Wave. Galactic Confederation. 3D Free Will Containment ~ Aluna Ash ~ 27 September 2018

Please listen/watch here.

Description given:
The Galactic Confederation Council of Nine is overseeing the Free Will experiment and has put the containment into place of a third density realm of existence until the Free Will experiment is cleared from manipulation and until the parallel realities or timelines have been collapsed into one unified field, which is taking place right now through these Transmissions.

Manipulation of another sentient beings Free Will in any way will be dealt with through the Law of Balance/Rythm of the Universe- cause and effect.

Example: If you are projecting yourself as doing a good deed or sending someone healing or love but it's coming from a place of criticism and judgement because you didn't resonate with a message, thats infringement of someone's Free Will.

Saw this recently in the community, a group FB "meditation," which becomes a ritual as a group, directed at "someone" but it was based off of judgment and criticism without the "person's" a.k.a me lol, agreement. I am very aware people watch just for my information, which is fine, but dont infringe on anothers Free Will..bad idea at this stage in this shift.

Always be respectful, show love and honesty.

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