25 September 2018

The Shift. Energy Update & All Signs (at the end) ~ Aluna Ash ~ 24 September 2018

Aluna Ash explains that The Event will happen when the Collective Consciousness reaches a certain level that it can withstand.

Please listen here for the full update.

Description (extract):
🕳🕳Systems will begin to collapse and change. Its all part of the shift for the collective. Mass exposure & arrests coming. New measurement system based off universal laws brings "new" advanced technology/ complete upgrade of everything. Everything must be adjusting to match this new system being brought in. Huge turning point in human evolution. Im still seeing different events within collective timelines- ill post more in detail in sep. video

🕳🕳Channeled: "The containment is still in place during the closing cycle (we are in mid point of phase 2) of the Free Will & Twinflame experiment within the Galactic Human Ascension Program. The containment will remain in place by the Galactic Confederation until the collective reaches a certain level of unity consciousness/vibration collapsing collective timelines into one unified field."


  1. Allright.

    Hopefully she'll avoid any more sensationalist stabbing predictions scratching marks into her credibility, so we all can stay on course and focus on what's actually helpful.

    Honestly, along with Adronis' message, does her October/ November time window feel realistic?

    1. Don't over-focus on all these predictions and dates. Good to know, then put it at the back of our minds and focus on our own mission/path/purpose etc.

  2. Forgot to mention, she did clarify that this Oct-Nov thing may not be The Event, but it will certainly be a time of massive energy influx, more so than now.

  3. 100% agree. The comments in the stabbing saga were just devastating so she had to deal with that provoked and aroused energy in her next video and replies justifyingly. Luckily Brat does not seem to go to such war game mind places. It's just totally not worth it. She still seems young and might still need to make those experiences.