25 September 2018

The Truth Is Out There ~ Gina Maria Colvin Hill ~ 24 September 2018

Gina Maria Colvin Hill
I check in on Gina Maria Colvin Hill every few days or so, just because :)  Ever since I posted her photos a couple of weeks ago, my blog has attracted unwanted attention from people who do not believe in Extraterrestrials or who think nothing of mocking Gina. Obviously this blog isn't for them, but they still insist on leaving disrespectful comments which I happily delete.

Well, today I'm posting something from Gina again, but not photos. For some reason, I actually feel proud of Gina for writing this, because I feel it's really important. It's like she's doing her bit to help her readers expand their minds. From the little I know about her, I believe she has a (very large) mostly Christian audience, and if she can play a part in helping them awaken to some degree, then....well done, Gina!

Source: Gina Maria Colvin Hill

If we are unwilling to adapt to our ever-changing environment, our ever-changing world, we will not survive. The longer that we hold onto certain beliefs embedded within our minds, the harder it’s going to be for us to change.

Our perception dictates how we respond to others and to everything around us...We must awake, we must open our eyes and be willing to look at things from another perspective.

There are so many false realities out there, that have brought us to a state of confusion. I am reminded of the story Alice in Wonderland. Everything is not as it seems...

It’s time for us to open our eyes so that we can truly see what we have not been able to see.

I hope in time that each and everyone of us will be able to find the truth that is out there.


  1. Ciao seguo da qualche settimana Gina Maria Colvin Hill , persona molto umile.... Una donna con molto coraggio per aver condiviso le sue foto, che possano piacere o meno, bisogna accettare la verità, ammettere che fuori c’è qualcosa che si sta muovendo è noi ci dobbiamo adeguare....