24 September 2018

Yaldabaoth Dissolved and Now? ~ Interstellar / Disclosure News Italia ~ 24 September 2018

Owning this blog means that I constantly have concerns about whether I'm contributing to the problem and therefore hurting the situation, rather than helping it. If what I'm posting is largely accurate and authentic, then it's all fine. However, if I'm posting something that is actually mostly inaccurate or dis-/mis-information, then that helps no one and nothing.

This is why I always insist on using discernment and running things by your Higher Guidance to see what resonates. Sometimes it could be the truth, but it may not resonate with you because the "frequency" isn't part of who you are (DNA, Soul Codes, Star origin etc). Sometimes it could be untrue in some way, or in many ways. Sometimes it could be completely false.

Having said all that, I'm posting this and asking all to take it whichever way you feel. It's a huge claim, carrying monumental implications. So please do run this with your filter set at Uber-High. If this doesn't feel like Truth to you, please ignore.

PS. I am not a Q follower, regardless of his authenticity or otherwise. Therefore, please do not send me links to Q sources, thank you!

Source: Disclosure News Italia

What does the fact that Yalda is transmuted means? It’s hard to say exactly what could happen but we can make speculations based on what we know.

With the removal of the plasma entity Yaldabaoth and its microcomponents, the Plasmatic Worms, the Veil is now definitively overthrown, we are at the finalization of this process, as when something is removed and the emptiness of what was there is still there.

It seems as if a period of time is needed, probably not much, before things take on their new course.

Yalda has influenced the planet for eons so it is absolutely possible that the transition between with and without Yalda requires adjustments at a Planetary level.

The definitive collapse of the Veil has many implications, the end of the Quarantine and the massive influx of Galactic Energies are the main ones.

The great energy reinforcement will probably cause a certain amount of turmoil in the general society, many will not be able to manage it and it is possible, in our opinion, that the striking facts can increase in number.

Please read on....

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